Nordic Play Electric car Maserati Ghibli 12V with rubber tires



This Maserati Ghibli is for children and car enthusiasts who like high speeds. The car is exclusively designed on a license from Maserati and has plenty of cool details. The car is e.g. equipped with two powerful 12V engines with long battery life so you can drive for longer while listening to the cool songs that have been pre-installed for you. Or you can listen to your own favourite songs via MP3. The electric car from NORDIC PLAY is also equipped with seatbelt, LED lights and the doors can open for easy access to the car. The car is upgraded with shock-absorbing EVA rubber tires for less noise and better driving comfort. The interior is also top notch with luxurious leather seat that matches the cars nice design. A remote control is also included, if the parents need to help with steering the car in the beginning. It is also equipped with LCD voltmeter, so the child can see when the car needs more „gas”.

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